Creating personalised experiences using Sitecore (Personalize and CDP)

This October both James Darall and myself took the stage at the annual Sitecore Symposium. Our talk was on how you too can be successful personalising using Sitecore CDP (Customer Data Platform) This post specifically is to talk through one

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Planning for Personalisation

Recently both my colleague James Darrell and myself spoke at SUCGON 2022, showing attendees 5 real word examples of how to use Sitecore CDP & Personalize tools.  Rather than talking through the examples using a vanilla sandbox environment we wanted

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Where to start with Personalisation and Sitecore Personalise/ Customer Data Platform (CDP) formally Boxever

Earlier this year Sitecore acquired Boxever, a company that had already been pushing ahead in the Personalisation world. (Personalization for others around the globe) Sitecore personalise feature set is pretty robust and brings together that human management aspect, but also

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First impressions of Boxever – the new personalization tool for Sitecore

First impressions of Boxever – the new personalization tool for Sitecore

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Optimising in times of change

Department store

In these unprecedented times, the world around us is changing, with many organisations finding it hard to adapt. The game has changed and digital has now become synonymous with survival and growth.  Those that were dipping their toe in digital,

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Leveraging Google Analytics to measure effectively

Three years ago I ran a MeasureCamp discussion session entitled “Track everything, measure what matters“; a concept that was the norm in 2016. Back then, the challenge with this concept, as it still is today, is the issue of “time”

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Leveraging user experience within the Sitecore customer experience platform

Sitecore UX4CX Whitepaper

Delivering digital services is becoming more and more intertwined between technology, methodology and resources. But a critical factor in delivery is the often overlooked customer success. In spring this year, a small group of Sitecore MVP’s, including Valtech’s own Dominic

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Preparing for Sitecore personalisation? – Three steps to make your personalisation tests effective

The Engagement Value Scale cc Sitecore

For those wishing to personalise digital services, we often refer to three methods; rule-based personalisation (eg a linear match – if we see this then show that), pattern-based personalisation (eg a combination of activities and/ or behaviors) and AI-based personalisation.

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What’s the problem? – Understanding the ability to deliver value

Note: Whilst this blog post is targeted towards roles that build or deliver web services, the logic and theory cover many roles in business today. Traditionally when building products, people and teams have focused on building an output (a solution,

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Preparing for user research – 5 tips for getting the most from your research

Macbook on a desk

As a user researcher it is important to get the most from a research opportunity. That normally comes from asking the right questions or setting the right task(s). However it is also important to set the right environment too. Whilst

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