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Know when your visitors are converting: visualising goals by day and hour – using google analytics and excel

Google Analytics app screenshot: behaviour by hour and day of week

UPDATE: I will shortly automate this with a google sheet and possibly data studio. Stay tuned. A quick post inspired by the new Analytics App (iPad), in particular the “Behaviour” pageviews by day and hour chart After seeing the above

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10 top web analytics links to look at when entering the world of web stats and google analytics

So you have a web site and you want to add/ have Google Analytics. What next? Well based on my own experiences the following 10 resources will take you that next step. As ever feel free to comment and discuss.

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Total Events not matching Goal Completions – Google Analytics

A very short post but still relevant if you have ever come across this issue. total events and  goal conversions are different! Why, surely they should be the same So you have set up some events through additional event tracking

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