Scaling the experience

Over the last 6 months I  have been presenting and discussing the digital evolution of LJMU Digital Services at the Sitecore Symposium, several Sitecore user groups and the eMetrics conference.

Part of the journey, explained in the slide below, shows how digital teams can “scale the experience”, from your vanilla experience to an optimised, personalised or automated one.

Scaling the experience slidedeck old version

But following conversations and an excellent talk from Craig Sullivan/ Pieter Baecke (ProfitGrid) at eMetrics,  scaling the experience isn’t just forward steps, its about making sure “the” experience is sound in the first place. With devices, browsers and internet connections growing by the day; its important that digital services are accessible to all, or more precisely accessible to our audiences.

Quite commonly though for some audiences we create a “broken” experience. Something on one device works differently than another, something on one browser shows differently on another. Whilst most analytic tools can provide you with an understanding of your users (traffic by device/ browser, page speed or conversions), its not the easiest to extract where a broken experience is occurring especially for funnel based digital services.

Scaling the experience slidedeck new version

Step forward ProfitGrid.

Along with other organisations, LJMU are working with Craig and Pieter using Profit Grid to uncover any broken experiences.

Whilst LJMU are not e-commerce which is your typical funnel experience (search, product page, shopping basket, purchase); they do still track transactions as funnels. For example applying for a course includes steps such as search course, engage with course, navigate course page, interact with course page, click apply…

Goals and associated funnels are pushed into ProfitGrid, analysed and split by browser/ device segments. Reports give you areas (that have the biggest impact on ROI) to target immediately, ensuring we deliver the best experience possible for our users.

ProfitGrid is currently in beta and I will begin to start sharing the reports and results shortly. Stay tuned.

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