Google Tag Manager debug console short cuts

GTM debug consule

GTM debug consule

As I use them so much, thought i’d document these simple keyboard shortcuts whilst using the GTM debug console

cmd/ command

Holding this down whilst clicking on a link will open a link in a new window. In turn this will keep the original window open and the GTM debug console open. This is important if the link in question is either a 3rd party (opening in same window) or a page that reloads upon click (e.g. add to shopping basket). With the original window open the console will show your click in the summary and the respective tags, variables and data layer.

esc/ escape

Holding this down whilst clicking on a link will record the link in the console, but not actually trigger the action. For example, if you click on a form submit button you can inspect the click link in the console, but it wont submit the form. Great for when you are testing and adding a form tag, but don’t want to clog up a database with false data.


Will add more as I go, but if you have any feel free to let me know.



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