Whilst i’ve been away


So I realise I haven’t been as active on my blog as usual, but for good reason.

Since taking up my role as Digital Service lead, i’ve been a bit busy on all fronts and whilst I have been establishing UX and insights as common place (rather than a future thought) a lot of my time has gone on pushing and promoting the team.

One of the outcomes of this is our new Digital Services blog. For posts that I write on LJMU experiences that cover insights, data or user research I will post them on both sites.

Shortly I will be documenting connecting GA with our CMS (Sitecore) to harness its personalisation and optimisation powers within our established goal tool of choice.

We are also working with Craig Sullivan and Pieter Baecke using Profitgrid; a fantastic tool to uncover where you have a broken experience in your funnels.

So expect more findings soon.


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