Search queries from mobile devices – Keyword research using google webmaster tools

Keyword research is an essential process when developing or updating content. According to the latest research by Search Metrics, Content is ultimately the number one ranking factor and thus where your research is most beneficial:

Quality is paramount, and is achieved by an inclusive and contextual approach to content development

One key tool for keyword research is Google Webmaster Tools

Here you can find the search queries (by Top queries or Top pages)

Search Traffic > Search queries

But what about Mobile?

We all know Mobile use is on the rise, so wouldn’t it be good to see the differences between desktop and mobile in terms of keywords?

This is where “filters” come to the rescue.

Click Filters

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries

Webmaster Tools – Search Queries

In the search box, Select the pre-populated “all” and switch to “mobile”.

Webmaster Tools - Search Queries - Filters

Webmaster Tools – Search Queries – Filters

Now all you need to do is the analysis. Some examples include:

  • Compare overall CTR by dividing clicks by impressions
  • Compare certain key pages and the search queries used
  • Compare top 50 search queries

NB to do the comparison, expert to excel. Remember to switch show rows to the maximum 500 and then export the table for “all” and for “mobile” (either top queries or top pages).

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