Visualise the (digital) user journey – step away from the screen and get it on the wall!

Single user Journeys on a desk

I’ve spent some time recently on user journeys and thought I’d share some best practice. User journey mapping isn’t something new, it is something fundamental when understanding your user. It can help provide insights for design improvements or IA changes.

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Measuring the impact of a hashtag

It’s that time of year when higher education campaigns are in full swing. This year especially #hashtags feature prominently on ads both in the digital world and the old school hard copy (billboards, bus posters, newspapers etc). Some in the

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Idea generation AGILE style: Product design sprints

Following a very insightful NUXUK workshop by @TomBradley at the BBC, I thought it would be good to share and talk about idea generation in the agile environment. Those of you in HE, Local Government and other Public Services will

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Creating a culture for measurement – data, insights, optimisation, improvements and solutions

One of the hardest challenges I have faced in my various web related roles is buy-in to the power of the web. It sounds daft that in a digital world often senior management look towards other media/ outlets as a

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404 error page – your #bff when re-launching websites

For most people a 404 error page is something you wish didn’t exist. It’s something stopping you from getting to where you wanted too. For those involved in the web it’s often something ignored, left in the wardrobe or on

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Demonstrate value in your website – calculate cost per page

This is so worth spending time on. It will be your “top trump” card when you need to demonstrate the importance of your website (and yourself). More often than not, top brass think the web is just there, it’s easy

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10 top web analytics links to look at when entering the world of web stats and google analytics

So you have a web site and you want to add/ have Google Analytics. What next? Well based on my own experiences the following 10 resources will take you that next step. As ever feel free to comment and discuss.

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Total Events not matching Goal Completions – Google Analytics

A very short post but still relevant if you have ever come across this issue. total events and  goal conversions are different! Why, surely they should be the same So you have set up some events through additional event tracking

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Naming convention for Account, Property and View – Google Analytics

There are several great articles on setting up GA but with some recent experiences, whilst evaluating a multi-site/ multi-GA organisation, I decided some sought of naming convention was needed when setting GA accounts up. Why I hear you ask? I’ll

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Welcome to my blog. Here you will find tips, tricks and debate about the world of web measurement and analytics. Over the last 15 years I’ve covered a number of web roles, from design, development to content creation and site

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